Fun Paper Crafts the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Paper crafts can be a fun way to spend time with your family where you don't need to spend a lot of money. Paper is reasonably inexpensive and easy to find and work with. If you are like most families, there is scrap paper already in your home that can be used for art projects. Pick a night or a few hours on a weekend to have family arts and crafts time and work together to create some fun paper craft projects.

Create Paper Towel Tie-Dye Art

All you need is a roll of white paper towels and a box of watercolor paints and you are ready to create some fun tie-dye art. Even young children can have fun with this easy project. No matter what is done, a visually interesting piece of art is created.

Since you are dealing with water be sure to cover your table with a waterproof vinyl tablecloth or drop cloth to protect the surface. Your supply list is short. You need a roll of plain, white paper towels, multi-color watercolor paints, small bowls, paint brush and water. Start by filling the bowls with a little water and then with the paint brush add a different watercolor paint to each bowl. Give each person a paper towel and show them how to fold it into a strip, back and forth, creating a fan pattern. Once you have a long, thin strip, make it smaller by folding it back and forth until you have a small square, triangle or unique free-form shape. Now, let each person dip each edge or corner of their paper towel into a different bowl and let it absorb the color. When everyone is satisfied with the color, take a clean paper towel and blot dry. It will be fun to unfold your paper towel and enjoy the colorful geometric design that each family member has created. Lay the towel flat to dry. A warm iron can be used to take out all the wrinkles, if you like, or leave it wrinkled for a textured effect. Your family might like to share their unique art project by displaying their paper towel tie dye art in picture frames and placing them around your home.

Create Silhouette Portraits

The entire family can enjoy creating silhouette portraits. In fact, since it takes more than one person to create a silhouette, there is a way every member of your family can take part. A few simple supplies and you are ready to begin. You'll need a bright light source, which could be a lamp or large flashlight, a large piece of white paper and a pencil or marker. Tape the piece of paper to a wall and shine the light source on it. With a family member sitting in a chair facing sideways in front of the paper, trace the shadow of their face with a pencil. Now, carefully cut out the silhouette you have traced. To create the final silhouette, trace this shape onto a large piece of black paper and again cut out the shape. The last step is to mount the black silhouette portrait onto a light colored piece of paper. Create one silhouette portrait for each family member and display them in picture frames on your wall. Framed silhouette portraits grouped together on the wall might make a great focal point for your room.


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